Mostacholi Alla Norma

Who’s Norma? I’ve been asked this question a lot after seeing the photo of the dish I made. Well, I’m not sure, but this I know… Norma’s done well coming up with this masterpiece. A traditional Sicilian dish, usually made with some kind of tube pasta, it delivers on fantastic flavors that kind of screams Mediterranean at times. And I’ve never used pecorino romano before and boy, that stuff is more intense than parmesan.

Like any recipe, it is done a zillion different ways also. This one in particular came from the Whole Foods website. It calls for ricotta salata (different from regular ricotta) but i couldn’t find any around here and Whole Foods is an hour away, so I used low-fat regular ricotta. Outstanding!!!

Oh yeah, there are some rumors on who Norma is but… not that I care.


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