Pour no sugar on me

Amazingly, I’ve lost weight, got healthier and my waistline went from 34 to 29… all in 10 months! Granted, I changed my eating habits but I do give a great deal of credit to my staying away from sugar as much as I possibly could. Now, I believe that I probably won’t be able to completely detach myself from pure sugar. I mean, they’re in almost everything we eat… and I just refuse to obsess about it. But at least, I can make some conscious changes and minimize my sugar intake without totally depriving my sweet tooth of its cravings.

Since the start of the year, I have been using agave nectar for my tea and Truvia for my coffee. A so-called natural alternative made from a stevia plant derivative. Sounds good to me. But I must admit, I never was into sugar substitutes. I didn’t even get much into Splenda at all. So, that taste is a little bit foreign to me and it took a while before I could get used to it. Now, it’s okay. It doesn’t bother me much. And I’ve gotten my palate to a point where it needs only a hint of sweetness, anyway. After all, I should just be drinking my coffee black, to begin with. Which I do. But sometimes I couldn’t help but feel the need to go sweet on it. But I have to have the sweetness without the consequences. So far, Truvia works well for me. No calories. No guilt.

Last month, I took a chance and tried Purevia hoping it would not be as good since I’m really trying to zero in on just one best option just so I don’t complicate my life any more than I already have, I think. Well, I honestly couldn’t tell the difference. At first, I thought it was even better. But now, I think Truvia and Purevia tastes exactly the same even though the nutrition label reads a tad better on the Purevia box. But I’m no scientist and so I have been reading a ton about these new products just to get a little educated. It’s still confusing though since no one really knows if they want to bash them as much as they did Splenda since they’re new and hasn’t had the chance to build cases yet. But at least, the reviewers aren’t talking trash about them and that they even think they’re better than anything out there right now.

All I know right now is that no matter what, at my age, I really have to un-love sugar if I am to dodge the bad news from the doctors. It’s no joke and I am dead serious in making that change. So, on with my quest for an almost sugar-free lifestyle. Wish me luck!


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