Stuffed n Roasted Bell Peppers

I’ve seen every chef on TV do their own version of stuffed bell peppers it’s almost like burger and fries. I mean, there’s really nothing to it. But a month ago, I was down at the farmers market and they had these beautiful heirloom peppers that looked amazing. I just had to have a couple of those I thought but yet, I couldn’t bring myself to simply dice them like I do regular peppers and thrown them in an omelet. So why not jump in the chef bandwagon and showcase the peppers in one piece. So here ya go…

Say what? Oh, the filling? Who cares? This is what makes stuffed peppers great. It makes use of leftovers.

Ingredients: Bell Peppers, Stuffing: a mixture of rice, ground meat, celery, onions and garlic. Marinara sauce and parsley.

Directions: Chop top off peppers and hollow out. Stuff with your leftover stuff and top with marinara sauce and chopped parsley. Brush pepper with olive oil and place in the oven, 400F for about half an hour.


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