Red Beans n Rice

Never heard of red beans and rice until I went to visit Louisiana in the mid 90’s. It’s amazing… the one thing that stuck with me the most during my visit was the food. I remembered the food! It left an indelible mark on my palate. Especially this dish. It’s peasant eats, so simple and humble yet full of soul and depth of character. Every since my visit, I’ve always made it a point to prepare red beans and rice once a month. It’s comfort food at its finest! Bon apetit!

Ingredients: Long Grain Rice, Red Beans, Andouille Sausages (Turkey Sausage is good, too), Garlic, The Trinity (Celery, Bell Pepper, Onion), Vegetable Stock, Olive Oil, Cajun/Creole Seasoning, Parsley, Scallions, Hot Sauce

Directions: Cook rice. In a pot or dutch oven, saute thinly sliced sausages, minced garlic and diced trinity in olive oil. Add beans, stock and seasonings. Mash as much beans as you can while boiling in the stock. Stir often until reduced and thickened, more or less 30 minutes. Add chopped parsley and scallions at the last minute. Serve with rice and kick it up a notch with a little hot sauce.


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