About a year ago, I started looking into eggs other than the dollar-a-dozen variety. I wondered if they were worth the price. Or, more importantly, worth switching over to. I love eggs but since I’m trying to cut down on cholesterol intake, I wanted not only to lessen my egg consumption but to choose a better kind to consume, as well.

For awhile, I was using Egg Beaters and loved them. Eventually though, I started missing eggs – which tells me that with Egg Beaters, I didn’t feel like I was eating real eggs. Then I was curious about the cage-free and organic ones, so I did try all of them. Not really sure about the cage-free but the organic eggs (aren’t these cage-free, as well, anyway?) tastes like eggs I’ve had back when I was a small kid. I mean, those were what I call eggs, dangit!

I didn’t realize how bad the regular eggs were until I started having organic ones. I noticed that when I try to crack them open, I had to use more force as the shells were pretty thick. And when you see the whole thing come out of the shell, it’s massive and thick. The regular ones were like diluted goo of a mess, in comparison. And the yolks! They’re almost red, not yellow. I mean, these has got to be the real deal! You can tell they weren’t fake, chemical-laden mutants or something.

But at the end of the day, it all comes down to taste and satisfaction, doesn’t it? And with these babies, trust me, you get freshness that is simply undeniable. I don’t know about you but I am a convert. For almost a year now, I’ve only had organic brown eggs and nothing else. And I usually proportion twice as much whites as the yolks, if not more. That’s a healthy deal for me.

Now, if they’d only come down in price, it would definitely be… egg-cellent!


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