Grilled Scallops

Sadly, I don’t get to eat seafood a lot anymore. But I’m trying to change this now. I grew up eating fish or shrimp a few times a week, every week. So, these days, when I remember to grab a filet from the fishmonger, it almost seems fancy, or even decadent. This shouldn’t be the case as they are simply delicious and they are nutritious. Well, yesterday I got me some fresh (well, as fresh as it gets, here in the high plains) scallops. How often do we have scallops? Probably not as often as we have burgers or hotdogs. It definitely felt a little fancy. And these are some mighty good eats, if I may add. Go have some and you won’t be disappointed.

Just remember with any seafood, be careful not to overcook unless of course, you like chewing rubber. Make a salad out of it, if you want. I have tried both shitake/sesame vinaigrette and mango pureé and they are wonderful. Oh yeah, I was able to made good use of the mâche on this one.

Ingredients: Fresh Scallops, Some Kind of Leafy Vegetables, French Fried Onions, Your Favorite Vinaigrette, Grill and Herb Seasoning, Olive Oil

Directions: Wet scallops with olive oil and sprinkle with seasonings. Grill 3 minutes on each side. Make a salad and mix in fried onions and grilled scallops.

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