Berry Berry Good Pancakes

Good morning, ya’ll! Well, I had some batter left in the box and a few berries (blue, black & rasp) in the fridge, so I decide to go for a big breakfast today. Nothing like fresh fruits in your pancakes, I tell ya. A big breakfast once a week is not bad at all. Especially when it’s prepared the healthy way.

By the way, I sliced the berries so the juice would bleed when cooked. It’s a good thing, trust me!

Ahhh!! Now, I can say…. CARPE DIEM!

Ingredients: Pancake Batter, Berries (your choice), Walnuts, Pure Maple Syrup, Margarine with no Hydrogenated Oils, Mint Leaves

Directions: Slice berries in half and fold in with prepared batter along with some walnut pieces. Cook in non-stick griddle. Be careful not to overcook or it’ll dry out. Serve with butter and syrup. Garnish with mint leaves and more walnuts, if you want.

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