High on alt milk

I’ve nothing against milk. I miss it. I can use a little of it for cooking purposes but for some reason, I’ve gradually become lactose intolerant and can’t gulp a whole glass without it wreaking havoc in my system. Yet, the lactose-free variety just don’t seem to be cutting it for me, anymore. For awhile, I was drinking soy milk but got tired of it, eventually. One day, I was going to pick up a carton of rice milk (which is good but a little bland, in my opinion) when I saw this one, right beside it.

Hemp milk! Hmmm… I thought it was a joke but then I got curious and wanted to at least give it a try. So I took one home and immediately poured a glassful and drank it slowly, like I was wine tasting. To my surprise, it tasted superb! Way better than soy or rice milk, in fact. Very creamy and even had a hint of (cough, cough!) grass!

Source: noshtopia.com

Nutrition-wise, it simply is a winner. A whopping 46% on the calcium scale? But forget about all that. I mean, this stuff is simply good! I can guzzle it up before and after sleep, no problem. And in fact, I have been for the past few months now. It’s been my preferred milk alternative. However, I have yet to try the hemp ice cream! I hope to find those on the shelves as I’m sure those are a sure treat, as well.

I also want to try almond milk. I get a feeling it’ll be another winner, too. Alas! Too many choices to make. Though for now, I’m really enjoying hemp milk and will probably stick to it for awhile.

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    Glad you like our Tempt Hempmilk. Hemp is truely an amazing plant. We use the seeds of industrial hemp plants (no drug value) and make not only the Tempt Hempmilk you reviewed, but a non-dairy ice cream that is lactose free, gluten free and vegan. If you want a coupon good for a discount on either Tempt Hempmilk or Frozen Dessert, you can download one at http://giveintotempt.com/Save75.html

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