Turkey & Cilantro Panini with Veggie Chips

I went to Sprouts the other day and shoveled up some fresh veggie chips in a bag. Man, those are good! I immediately thought of doing grilled cheese to go with it but I happen to have some deli slices of smoked turkey and turkey bacon from last week. And they have to be used up already. Now, the only thing missing is soup. Too bad I don’t have any right now. Oh well…

Okay, no exact recipe here, folks. I just threw in whatever’s in the fridge and pantry. On this one, I mixed in finely chopped cilantro and bacon salt with olive oil mayonnaise and slathered it on 3 slices of dill rye. I slipped in a few turkey slices, 3 strips of turkey bacon, a couple slices of provolone and more whole cilantro leaves. Then I placed it on a panini grill pan in medium-low heat for about 3 minutes. And there you go. Now, do yours!


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    pleasefeedme said,

    Yay!!! Your back, I was waiting to see your new dishes, lol. How was your trip??

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