chrisSome people love to eat. Some people love the cooking process, just as much. If not more. It’s an art. It’s a passion.

They cook with fire… in their soul.

Hello, my name is Chris. I’m a musician but I also have a passion for cooking. I guess it all goes with being an artist and the need to create. And because of that, I like to feed my eyes before I do my stomach. But I do put a lot of thought into what goes into my stomach. I am not obsessed with strict diets, mind you. I am not an anything-tarian, either! But I am mindful of my responsibility towards health. That’s why I may love colors, texture and flavor but the challenge for me is to retain these attributes while being sensible towards nutrition, as well as, respect towards nature.

This blog is simply a chronicle of my kitchen adventures as I try to discover good food through simplicity, artistry and responsibility.

Thanks for visiting and see you around.

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  1. 1

    lrfoodies said,

    Love your blog and great pictures!

  2. 3

    David Schroeder said,

    Chris, those dishes are so beautiful and look delicious. I’m going to try them one at a time. I am so impressed, thank you for sharing the recipes.

  3. 5

    pleasefeedme said,

    really, really love this site. Adding to my blogroll right now!-pleasefeedme.wordpress.com

  4. 7

    pleasefeedme said,

    Hey Chris! I moved Please Feed Me, is it possible to change on your blogroll? Now at chasingjamesbeard.com. In process of fixing kinks, design, etc still, sigh.

  5. 8

    SDVA said,

    Nice blog, Chris. Simply amazing…very creative and extremely sumptuous looking every day meals.

  6. 10

    Alisa said,

    Chris your dishes look so good! I could almost reach out and stick my fork in these yummies! Looking forward to seeing more

  7. 11

    Lani said,

    I like the presentation and choice of your food. Keep it up!

  8. 12

    nectarfizz said,

    As always your photos are as amazing as your cooking. I am deeply envious of both. 🙂

  9. 17

    talia said,

    wow. to bad you do not still live in atl. i would have to make you cook for us. your site is great! photos are great also. i love to see the vegan vegetarian recipes.

    • 18

      Chris said,

      Thanks, Talia! I’m not vegetarian but I do enjoy those dishes every once in a while. There’s a tag cloud on the right menu bar. Click on “vegan” and “vegetarian” to see whatever recipes I have in those categories.

  10. 19

    Nice blog , lovely pictures interesting recipes

  11. 21

    Sibella said,

    Hi Chris! What a great blog you have here! Lovely, lovely photos!

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