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Cantaloupe Melonade

We’re in the thick of summer and I’m lazing on a Sunday afternoon. What better way to enjoy it than with a refreshing glass of ice-cold melonade! Cantaloupe style, that is! It’s just as comforting as lemonade but it’s not sour so it doesn’t require as much sugar. Especially, if your cantaloupe is sweet enough, to begin with.

I guess you could use honeydew melon, as well. Hmmm… remind me to try that next time.

Meanwhile, I’ll be chuggin’ this stuff for the next week or so.

Ingredients (16 Servings):
1 Cantaloupe, cubed
1 Cup Organic Raw Cane Sugar, maybe more
Ice Cold Water

Using a blender, liquify cantaloupe cubes with a little water for about a minute. You may have to do this in 2 batches.

Transfer juice in a gallon-size pitcher. Fill with ice cold water until the all the liquid adds up to a gallon.

Add in 1 cup of sugar, to start. Stir and give it a taste. If needed, add more sugar to desired sweetness. Finally, stir constantly for a couple of minutes or until the granules are completely dissolved.

Skim the foam on top, if you wish. Pour in ice-filled glasses and serve. It will keep well in the fridge for up to 5 days.

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High on alt milk

I’ve nothing against milk. I miss it. I can use a little of it for cooking purposes but for some reason, I’ve gradually become lactose intolerant and can’t gulp a whole glass without it wreaking havoc in my system. Yet, the lactose-free variety just don’t seem to be cutting it for me, anymore. For awhile, I was drinking soy milk but got tired of it, eventually. One day, I was going to pick up a carton of rice milk (which is good but a little bland, in my opinion) when I saw this one, right beside it.

Hemp milk! Hmmm… I thought it was a joke but then I got curious and wanted to at least give it a try. So I took one home and immediately poured a glassful and drank it slowly, like I was wine tasting. To my surprise, it tasted superb! Way better than soy or rice milk, in fact. Very creamy and even had a hint of (cough, cough!) grass!


Nutrition-wise, it simply is a winner. A whopping 46% on the calcium scale? But forget about all that. I mean, this stuff is simply good! I can guzzle it up before and after sleep, no problem. And in fact, I have been for the past few months now. It’s been my preferred milk alternative. However, I have yet to try the hemp ice cream! I hope to find those on the shelves as I’m sure those are a sure treat, as well.

I also want to try almond milk. I get a feeling it’ll be another winner, too. Alas! Too many choices to make. Though for now, I’m really enjoying hemp milk and will probably stick to it for awhile.

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I’m so sorry, poor little hot cocoa

Well, I am just disappointed as heck, right now! In my quest to limit my fat intake as much as I possibly could, I’m afraid I have gone too far as to mercilessly involve one little innocent product whose only purpose is to give comfort and put a smile on one’s face. The hot cocoa!


What in the world am I thinking?

Forgive me but I didn’t know and I just had to find out whether or not I could get away with a fat-free version of this wintertime delight. I was in the isle comparing stuff and I noticed that the fat-free variety weighs less than half of that of the regular ones. I was already in doubt, but I took the chance… all in the name of fat-free!

It is cold and snowy outside and all you want is to bundle up with a nice 12oz mug of pure liquid chocolate goodness but at the same time you don’t want the baggage that comes with it. Not gonna happen! I mean, I was in denial the first three to four times I’ve made it but I’m at the point where I can’t take it anymore. It’s just not worth the pain! Yuck!!! Comfort food is comforting because it’s delicious, not necessarily healthy. I say, if you can’t handle the fat, drink tea! If every once in a while you just have to have hot chocolate (especially on a cold winter night), then suck it up and get the real thing! I’m sure moderation won’t kill you.

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Leave my coffee alone

Okay, so I’ve been on a healthy binge lately. But why do my coffee have to get in the way of this now? I even had a friend tell me the fact that a cup of coffee contains only 4 calories. Yeah! I was fired up, for sure. But wait? I brew my coffee in a French Press while a large majority uses the drip method still. I’ve been using the press for 15 years now and haven’t turned my back on this low-tech flavor wonder since.

A week ago, I stumbled on this article on a website that suddenly pooped on my party. Yet, I’m afraid it made sense and that I failed to realize this early on! It was saying that using the press method to brew coffee raises bad cholesterol levels because there is no filter to catch the oils that are extracted from the beans. Yep! You get everything, alright. Maximum flavor, character depth, creaminess and you guessed it… bad cholesterol. Great! Just great! For a few days I toyed around with the thought of giving it up and dusting off the ol’ Black n Decker and its permanently stained carafe.

But I had to take a breather and try to look at the big picture first. I work so hard, I thought! Why can’t I get a little play time? Yeah, why not?

So, I say… leave my coffee alone! It’s okay. I drink one 12 oz mug every morning and no more. I read that for coffee to affect your cholesterol level, you have to be drinking 6 to 8 cups or more everyday, for a long time. I am far from that, thank goodness. And so, if you’ll excuse me… I’ve got this brand new organic fair trade French Roast I’m dying to try out.

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