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Shrimp Chile Relleno Casserole

When I made the cornhusk-grilled chiles rellenos last weekend, I had prepared more relleno (stuffing) than I had anaheim chiles. Way more! But instead of going back to the store to grab more chiles, I thought… Why not just turn this into something else? And since I had some leftover queso chihuahua, some jalapenos and breadcrumbs overdue for consumption, I thought, hey… why not just break out the stoneware? Okay fine, the Pyrex!

I wasn’t sure how it’s going to turn out since I hadn’t done it before. But to my surprise, it was a knockout! Seriously, next time, I’d probably skip the cornhusk routine and go straight for the baking pan. The only thing different here is that instead of using anaheims to wrap it in, I finely diced a few jalapenos and folded them into the mixture… just so that I’d still have some heat retained in the dish somehow. Other than than, it’s pure chile relleno goodness – in a casserole! Fantastic, I say!

Ingredients: Olive Oil, Breadcrumbs, Diced Jalapeno or Anaheim Peppers, Extra Melting Queso, Lime, Get the ingredients for the stuffing here!

Directions: Add diced peppers to stuffing mixture. Make sure the mixture is not too wet. If it is, strain as much liquid as you can. Brush casserole with olive oil and pour stuffing in. Add queso and breadcrumbs on top. Drizzle with olive oil and put in 400F oven for about half hour. Serve on a plate, drizzle with lime juice and garnish with lime slices. Buen apetito!

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