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Loco Moco

So, I hosted a 4th of July shindig and grilled a ton of burger patties, among other things. I did good having prepared just the right amount of food and didn’t have a lot of leftovers in the end. But still, it can’t be perfect, right? There were still a few patties left and I didn’t want them to go to waste so my wife and I had another round of burger sandwiches the next day. But after that, we didn’t feel like having another hamburger for a long while. Now, what to do with the other two patties left in the fridge?

Well, I looked it up and found this Hawaiian dish called Loco Moco. It sounded so simple and so… so ghetto!!! LOL! But I was so intrigued that I gave it a go anyways. And let me tell ya, if you like rice dishes, this is a knockout!

All it is is a bed of steamed white rice topped with a burger patty, a fried egg (or two) and everything smothered with brown gravy. That’s it! I added some asparagus just to say I had my veggies for the day.

You have to give it a shot next time you have leftover patties from your backyard BBQ.


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Egg & Toast

Sometimes, you just want to have your dinner like… right now! No slicing, no dicing, no simmering. Just something quick to whip up. But good.

Solution? Breakfast. Yep, good ol’ breakfast for dinner. So, let’s see what we’ve got left in the fridge?

Well, there’s a slice of whole wheat bread left in the pantry that I was going to throw out to the birds (sorry, tweeties). There’s a couple of eggs, a few turkey pepperoni slices and some scallions for garnish.

Oh, and did I see a can of French’s Fried Onions? Perfect!

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