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High on alt milk

I’ve nothing against milk. I miss it. I can use a little of it for cooking purposes but for some reason, I’ve gradually become lactose intolerant and can’t gulp a whole glass without it wreaking havoc in my system. Yet, the lactose-free variety just don’t seem to be cutting it for me, anymore. For awhile, I was drinking soy milk but got tired of it, eventually. One day, I was going to pick up a carton of rice milk (which is good but a little bland, in my opinion) when I saw this one, right beside it.

Hemp milk! Hmmm… I thought it was a joke but then I got curious and wanted to at least give it a try. So I took one home and immediately poured a glassful and drank it slowly, like I was wine tasting. To my surprise, it tasted superb! Way better than soy or rice milk, in fact. Very creamy and even had a hint of (cough, cough!) grass!


Nutrition-wise, it simply is a winner. A whopping 46% on the calcium scale? But forget about all that. I mean, this stuff is simply good! I can guzzle it up before and after sleep, no problem. And in fact, I have been for the past few months now. It’s been my preferred milk alternative. However, I have yet to try the hemp ice cream! I hope to find those on the shelves as I’m sure those are a sure treat, as well.

I also want to try almond milk. I get a feeling it’ll be another winner, too. Alas! Too many choices to make. Though for now, I’m really enjoying hemp milk and will probably stick to it for awhile.

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