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Cornhusk-Grilled Chiles Rellenos

I’ve always thought of the day when my Mexican food vocabulary would go beyond that of Taco Bell. I watch Rick Bayless’ show – Mexico, One Plate at a Time – and I am inspired by the enthusiasm he so vividly displays towards this ethnic cuisine. A lot of the dishes were a bit over my head though. But I thought I could at least try to whip up something fairly basic and see where it takes me. So, here’s my first stab at it… and it’s not a burrito, for once! I had so much fun learning how to do this properly. It took awhile but hopefully next time, I’ll get better and will even be able to break some rules and put my own twist on it.

Wrapping the the stuffed chiles in cornhusks could’ve been optional and felt a little fancy but it really added to the earthiness and rustic feel of the dish. But it’s important to season with authentic herbs and spices such as cumin, coriander and Mexican oregano. Mmmm! Next stop… Molé!

This, you just throw in the fire! And when it’s ready to be served, just untie it and spread open to reveal the smoking chiles and melting queso. It was good with Spanish rice on the side. I guess, could’ve had some tortillas too but I didn’t have any. Next time.

So… wanna give it whirl? Knock yourself out!

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