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Barbecue Ribs

Sometimes, you just want to reward yourself for being good. With your healthy dieting, that is. Nothing wrong with that. Everything in moderation, right? So go ahead and enjoy a treat every once in a while. For me, I’ll have this succulent, very slow-cooked barbecue pork ribs, please.

About once every three to four months, I would see to it that I grab a slab of ribs from the store and look forward to a weekend of pure barbecue bliss. Now, I’m really not a big pork eater, mind you. But after having gone back and forth with both pork and beef, I find that pork is better when it comes to barbecuing ribs. To me, anyway. And to cook it, I’ve used the grill, the crock pot and other means but yet, I found slow-cooking it in the oven brings out the tenderest meat. If I had a smoker, I’d probably go for that instead but for now, the oven does a great job.

I don’t use wet ingredients to marinate the slab. I simply rub it with a store bought rub mixture a day ahead, wrap it in foil and pop it in the fridge. The next morning, I preheat the oven to 250F, place the foil covered slab on a baking pan and stick it in the oven for about eight hours. I pour water in the pan to keep the meat moist while cooking. In about four hours, I’ll open the oven door, turn the slab over for even cooking and then pour more water in the pan. After another four hours, you can bet I am just about ready to go nuts!

The barbecue sauce is only added when serving. Unless the entire slab will be consumed in one sitting, it’s just not wise to have wet sauce on the leftover ribs to store in the fridge. Trust me, when you reheat that thing the next day, the sugar in the sauce will burn and turn the meat into leather. Now, if it will all be consumed that same night, by all means, take the ribs out of the oven about 30 minutes before it’s done and brush sauce all over it. That would be yummy, indeed!


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