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Don’t wanno kiwano

It’s like 30F out there, at 7am on a Saturday and where am I? At the grocery store wondering what I’ll have for breakfast. I move over to the fruits section, grab a box of fresh strawberries and as I try to scan the rest of the fruits on display, to see what else I can pair the strawberries with, I see this…

Kiwano, it says. A ki-what-now? This thing looks deadly with its spikes but I gotta admit it got the best of me when I grabbed one thinking, I’ve got to at least give it a try. I had no idea what I’m in for with this strange looking mutant but for 4 buck a pop, it’s gotta be good, I thought.

Back home, I jump on the web to try to find out what the story is! What it is, where it came from, who’s had it before and if there’s a chance it might be good with strawberries. Well, first I learn that it’s a melon, a horned melon (Say what?) and it’s of African origin. Fine, I thought. Now, I go to the kitchen and slice it open…

Not wanting to taste it yet, I bring the plate into the study and continue to read blogs of people who’s had it before. Not a whole lot has had it, I discover. Worse, none of those who’s had it had anything good to say, either. Great!! Now, only one way to find out, for sure. So finally, I scoop out a chunk with a spoon. It was gooey, gelatinous and awkward with seeds I’m not sure are edible. If they’re not, it would be bad. I mean, why bother when the seeds are what most of the fruit itself consists of. Anyway, moment of truth! I take a bite and all I can say is…


All I can think of is… you gotta be kidding me! Almost flavorless and whatever hint of flavor it has wasn’t even fruit-like. And the seeds! The seeds! You really want to spit them out but it’s impossible to do. I mean, you might as well not eat the fruit at all, y’know! Which, evidently, wasn’t such a bad idea at this point. It was 4 bucks down the drain but, oh well. At least, there’s one less fruit I have to decide on, next time.

Glad to, at least, have the strawberries around to please my morning palate and save the day.

A little drizzle of lemon juice, some lemon zest, chopped mint to garnish and a drizzle of pure maple syrup. Ahh… now, that’s redeeming!

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